David Katz

What stories lay buried in the cast-off objects of contemporary existence?  I construct visual narratives from the overlooked and forgotten artifacts of post-industrial life.  My work examines human sensory experience -- flesh and blood bodies confronting a highly mechanized and digitized landscape.  Along the way, I explore the interplay between ordinary and extraordinary, organic and synthetic, sacred and profane.  I like to think of the creative process as performing a sort of interpretive archeology on the flotsam and jetsam of modern life.

My lifelong fascination with the intersection of art and technology first led to a career behind the mixing consoles of Nashville recording studios.  Later I returned to school to study sociology, focusing on the production of meaning through cultural artifacts.  Subsequent work drew me back to my technical roots and my current career in database design and data visualization. 

My artwork affords me a unique opportunity to bring together my interests in creativity, social theory, and technology.  Through the visual grammar of mixed media collage and assemblage, I combine diverse elements to construct a new universe of expression.